Mission and Principles


To be a reliable dry bulk shipping service provider.


To consistently provide safe, reliable and cost-efficient marine transportation services to our valued clients in the dry bulk sector.


We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical, transparent way, using our five core set of values:

Integrity: Over the years we have built our company reputation through our employees trust and sincerity. We ensure transparent communications are maintained at all times to uphold our most valuable asset.

Passion: We understand we have an important role to play within the company, and we give our best each day to meet or exceed expectations.

Hard work: We admire talent but we deem it is strong work ethic that determines success.

Teamwork: Our teamwork does not merely signify employees collaboration. In addition to leveraging individuals’ competencies for the benefit of the company, we consider our clients to be part of the whole team who shares the companies success equally.

Innovation: We constantly encourage our employees to have an incremental innovative mindset to stay ahead of existing market norms.